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Leighton A. White, Inc. – WINNERS of the 2008 National Safety Excellence Award

2008 ABC National Safety Merit Award

2008 was a milestone year for Leighton A. White, Inc. We celebrated 30 years in the business of providing exceptional construction quality, value, and timely work, underlined with the consistency of employee and customer safety. We have had another exemplary year with regards to our safety record, with no work-related injuries or illnesses. To further accentuate this landmark year, our product was delivered during one of the most disturbing economic years recently experienced in the United States.

During the past 30 years Leighton A. White, Inc. has focused resources on specialty and retrofit types of commercial, industrial, and municipal site work, plus athletic field construction and maintenance. Our clients include general contracting companies of varying sizes, engineering and architectural firms, manufacturing companies, and large-scale personal site work for home and business owners. In the communications field, our company provides road and tower site construction, drainage, and site maintenance during the harsh winters and heavy rainfalls prevalent in this clime. Job sizes range from $2,000 to $750,000, demonstrating the broad spectrum of situations we encounter. Our employees and jobs primarily cover the southern New Hampshire region, with frequent requests for services in the surrounding New England states. Due to typical cell tower locations, we often find ourselves working remote and rugged terrain, requiring special vigilance and expertise. Because of the varied and unique jobs we undertake, our employees have to be cognizant of multiple factors, including other tradesmen working on-site, civilian traffic levels in downtown areas, deep trenches, live utilities, and potential buried environmental hazards. We perform on tight sites where glass storefronts, existing buildings, and vehicles demand intricate care, and we have successfully completed our work under the utmost difficult weather conditions. As a licensed NHDES/Asbestos Disposal Site Contractor, our employees continually maintain certification which allows Leighton A. White, Inc. to continue its reputation for accepting the “impossible” jobs that no one else wishes to tackle, thus predisposing us to unusual and occasionally extreme work sites.

Our company has proudly received the following awards:

  • 1999 1st Place SIC Code 16 NH/VT ABC Construction Safety Awards
  • 2000 1st Place SIC Code 16 NH/VT ABC Construction Safety Awards
  • 2001 1st Place SIC Code 16 NH/VT ABC Construction Safety Awards
  • 2002 1st Place SIC Code 16 NH/VT ABC Construction Safety Awards
  • 2003 1st Place SIC Code 16 NH/VT ABC Construction Safety Awards
  • 2003 STEP Platinum Award
  • 2003 National Safety Merit Award
  • 2004 1st Place SIC Code 16 NH/VT ABC Construction Safety Awards
  • 2004 STEP Platinum Award
  • 2005 2nd Place SIC Code 16 NH/VT ABC Construction Safety Awards
  • 2005 NH/VT ABC Excellence in Construction Award
  • 2005 National Safety Excellence Award
  • 2005 NH Construction Industry Ethics Award (Leighton A. White)
  • 2005 STEP Platinum Award
  • 2006 2nd Place SIC Code 16 NH/VT ABC Construction Safety Awards
  • 2007 STEP Platinum Award
  • 2007 2nd Place SIC Code 16 NH/VT ABC Construction Safety Awards
  • 2008 1st Place SIC Code 16 NH/VT ABC Construction Safety Awards
  • 2008 STEP Platinum Award

In 2008, Leighton A. White, Inc. faced some unusual work site circumstances. The New England area had experienced a crippling ice storm in the month of December. As the initial hours of immobility passed (i.e.: no functioning utilities), the requests to our company for emergency assistance began in earnest. We provided around-the-clock service to the cellular companies needing emergency access to remote, mountaintop sites. Heavy equipment and generators were desperately needed at the buildings at many locations all over Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts and Vermont. Due to the lack of regular landline telephone service, cellular use was all the more important and essential. Just getting to the work sites was very difficult, with power lines down across roads, and icy travel conditions. Our employees logged in 80-100 hour weeks while keeping vital technology, transport vehicles (i.e.: skidders, snowmobiles and ATV’s), and personnel safe in treacherous situations. One particular site required “visualizing” the transport of a large generator up an icy mountain and positioning it into a narrow spot prior to even beginning the job, allowing our employees to anticipate any safety issues and plan out their approach. During this ice storm event, our transport vehicles were continuously replenished with all anticipated tools and supplies necessary for known and unknown circumstances. Improvising was frequently necessary, yet vigilance with regard to safety remained paramount. It was no “accident” that we thankfully accomplished what was necessary without a single mishap on such short notice.

The single most critical element to the 2008 safety performance of Leighton A. White, Inc. could also be considered the most basic, fundamental concept. It incorporates common sense, known and accepted safety standards, daily verbal reminders to increase employee awareness of any potential hazards to themselves, to other tradesmen working alongside them, to buildings, and to underground construction. Simply put, our employees respect and practice the concept of “you can never be too safe”.

In 2008, our company continued our safety awareness practices and training, coupled with purchasing and implementing up-to-date equipment and technology, such as GPS instrumentation in many of our vehicles. This allows supervisors and owners to be in contact with employees, who in turn, have access to the safest, most efficient routes to remote and/or congested sites. The majority of the trucks in our work fleet are three years old and newer. The staff also has the benefit of an 8-hour Heart Saver CPR Certification Course and the 10-hour OSHA Safety Training Course in their safety portfolios. We also continuously strive to promote strict and safe equipment tie-down and moving procedures, utilizing hooks, straps, and fasteners. Our people have been involved in updating our full equipment list, thus making the tracking of maintenance easier and more thorough, as well as, adding to the overall safety in the workplace. It is obvious in interacting with our staff, that the daily reminders, the biweekly meetings, the specific classes, and the employee involvement in celebrating the receipt of safety awards all have a great impact on the minute-by-minute behavior of our people in the field. Frequently overheard by foremen and laborers as they go about their work is the phrase, “Safety first!”

Leighton A. White, Inc. is honored to once again be considered for this prestigious recognition, especially because it makes our 30th Anniversary Year all the more meaningful.


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Leighton A. White, Inc. provides commercial, industrial, municipal (civil/public works), institutional, and residential excavation and site work services, communications (cell tower) site construction and development, athletic field construction, as well as other specialty sitework services in New Hampshire and Northern Massachusetts.

Areas served include but are not limited to Milford, Wilton, Rindge, Peterborough, Keene, Concord, Merrimack, Bedford, Manchester, Hooksett, Brookline, Hollis, Nashua, Raymond, Exeter, Hampton, Portsmouth and beyond.

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(Re: a tower site with two approval delays) A typical scenario at that point would have been to start winter construction, with the expectation of bringing the site on-line sometime towards the end of Jan. I met with your firm though, and was assured that through whatever contortions necessary, you would be able to work within my unrealistic expectations. It is a credit to everyone in your organization that official site turn-up happened Dec.…John Stevens, P.E.NYNEX Mobile Communications
Completing this project within the aggressive schedule set by Bell Atlantic NYNEX Mobile, Inc. would not have been possible without your efforts. Your attention to detail, spirit of cooperation and professionalism were essential to the success of this project. I would be happy to recommend Leighton A. White, Inc. to any potential clients.Kevin Ferington, P.E., ErdmanAnthony and Assoc., Inc.
This project could never have happened if I had not used your firm and your personal expertise in the team effort. If I can ever be of service to you in recommending your firm for work, specifically the tight time constraints or the difficult coordination project, I would be happy to do that.John Stevens, P.E.Bell Atlantic NYNEX Mobile
Thank you for your beautiful cutting work and for your consideration and patience.Sandra D.
Just a note to tell you how happy we are with the work your crew did on our yard and drive. CM is a fine representative of your company- so polite and diligent that I thought he must be part of your family! Great job again guys!Sue J.
If we ever have to have any lawn work done again, we’ll know whom to call and to recommend! It hasn’t been a week yet and already little patches of grass are beginning to show. I want you to know, too, that we appreciate the men who work for you. They were busy every minute and very politeLouise and Mario
I just wanted to tell you what a positive experience my recent clay delivery from your company was. Ron called me to arrange delivery and was very polite and helpful and I can’t say enough in praise of the truck driver who worked hard to assure my satisfaction in how and where he placed the clay. All of you have been courteous and thoughtful.Alice A.
We were more than satisfied with the job you did on the demolition of our barn. We were impressed with your crew…extremely pleased with how careful and conscientious they were, which is a very rare quality these days! We are looking forward to you coming back in the spring to put on the finishing touches with loam and grading.Neal and Sandy G.
I just wanted to compliment you and your people on the excellent work you did in accomplishing the oil tank removal project on our property. I was impressed with how well everything was coordinated among your employees and all the subcontractors and government officials who were involved in the project. It was a professional job, well done.James Tuzzeo, Ph.D.Permattach Diamond Tool Corp.
We have employed Leighton A. White many times over the years for projects large and small. They always are fully prepared fbr the job, sending the right equipment and personnel to get it done. They consistently meet the timelines and budgets we set because they plan their approach ‘using the experience they have acquired over their decades of business. We look forward to working with them again soon.Peter D. Capano, P.E., Chief, Parks, Recreation & Cemetery, CityManchester

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