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About Leighton A. White, Inc.

Established in 1978, in Milford, New Hampshire, Leighton A. White, Inc. has grown from a small, part-time, custom tractor business to the corporation it is today. We have served the region for 37 years, specializing in commercial, industrial and municipal site work, construction and maintenance of communications sites as well as specialty services including athletic field construction and maintenance.

“What I liked best about this project was the bad weather… no … really! One thing that sets us apart from others is our eagerness to tackle the tough jobs.” – Dale White, after doing the Chappell Tractor additionLeighton A. White, Inc. has continued to expand our markets while remaining constant in fulfilling customers’ unique requirements. We value a personal approach with our contractors and customers, and with our many years of experience, have solidified lasting relationships throughout the Southern New Hampshire area and beyond.

Leighton A. White, Inc.’s extraordinary service accounts for 80% of our business coming from repeat customers and their acquaintances. The remainder comes from the recommendations and referrals of engineering firms and construction associations. You can’t beat advertising like that!

A favorite quote of Leighton’s, posted prominently in his office is:

A competition for cheapness and a competition for excellence will always be strangers.”

This sums up Leighton A. White, Inc.’s philosophy. We will always do our absolute best for our customers and clients – no exceptions.

Safety First

Our company is well known for our commitment to safety, achieving the highest awards locally and nationally for safety from Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC) since 1999. In 2005, we were awarded the First Place National Safety Award at a ceremony in Las Vegas, based on our exemplary record, an essay, and an extensive interview. Leighton A. White, Inc. again received high honors by winning the Merit Place National Safety Award for 2008, celebrated in Washington, D.C. in 2009. This was awarded to our company out of 14,939 ABC contractor members. Our commitment to education, safety guidelines and proper equipment, along with our employees’ dedicated adherence to these recommendations, make such prestigious recognition possible. We know that safety is not only important to our own employees and to the “bottom line”, but also is reflected in the work we do, and ultimately creates a safer environment for the end-user.

Leighton A. White

Leighton A. WhiteLeighton White comes with a background in the engineering department at PSNH, and specialized in real estate acquisitions, power line layout, and coordination with field engineers and surveyors. Leighton also holds a New Hampshire Real Estate Brokers license and a New Hampshire Master Electricians license. As an active supporter of the construction industry, he has long served on the Board of Directors of Associated Builders and Contractors and is on its Member Involvement Committee. Leighton is also a member of CIBOR-NH, and the Milford Recycle Committee.

In April 2005, Leighton White was granted the honor of receiving the 9th Annual New Hampshire Construction Industry Ethics Award. Back in 1978, Leighton had the vision to create and build a company that provides the highest quality services to its clients. To accomplish this he knew he must have intelligent, hardworking employees who were committed to safety in the work place and keeping the customer first at all times. Early on, Leighton saw the value of creating a team of suppliers, subcontractors, and engineers who, along with our own people, provide a service of value to our customers and clients. To this day, he remains active in the company, utilizing his consulting, marketing, and financial expertise.

Dale A. White

Dale WhiteDale White has been with Leighton A. White, Inc. since its inception, and now fills the place of company president. His belief and very culture is to build projects by plans and specs, using the highest quality products and expertise, thus meeting his personal high standards and the customer’s ultimate approval.

In addition to his daily schedule, Dale has been on the Milford Economic Development Advisory Committee since 2009 and on the Milford Water/Sewer Commission since 2010. In 2014 he was asked to join the Granite Bank Advisory Board (formerly 1st Colebrook Bank)

Dale White and his team are New Hampshire licensed to handle asbestos disposal at construction sites. Dale maintains his drain layer and pipe layer permits for Manchester, Nashua and the State of New Hampshire. The staff routinely updates their OSHA safety certificates and their First Aid and CPR training.

Leighton A. White, Inc. - Employees

About Our Employees

Leighton A. White, Inc. believes that our employees are truly the best in the field. There is a strong history of longevity, which is a testament to their work environment and loyalty. Two of our foremen have recently reached their 30 year and 20 year milestones with Leighton A. White, Inc.! The more recently hired have been brought onto the team to fully round out the capabilities of Leighton A. White, Inc. Each person has been chosen because of their attitude and expertise, be it operating equipment, managing the office/business, estimating, laboring, or leading a crew. This cohesive group has a major can-do, make-it-happen attitude that allows Leighton A. White, Inc. to stand out in the construction industry.